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Homemade face mask

Homemade face masks are something important for you if you like to use it daily. You can buy a face mask on the internet or in store but the price can add up. Why spend money for a face mask if you can make it by yourself and of course the ingredients are way cheaper than the face mask you buy on the store. What else? Yes it is easy to make.

Now you have a home made remedy for your oily skin, a type of skin that’s easily got irritated by pollution or by the oil itself and caused acne, blackheads, and etc. Face masks are just one of many ways to treat acne. So this is how to make Homemade face mask for oily skin.

Fruit mask

tomato-face-maskFruits that are rich in Vitamin C anti-oxidant such as, tomato, orange, lemon, and even papaya are great ingredients for a homemade face mask. Vitamin C helps to tighten pores in the face, reduce the production of oil and refreshing then clean your face. You should apply the face mask to the oily part of your face or you might have dry patches – usually within the T zone. Mash red tomato and apply to your face then wait for 15 minutes. You can apply this face mask 2 – 3 times a week. You can also mix tomato face mask with lemon, all you have to do is adding scrapped peel of a lemon and a half of spoon of lemon juice to the mashed red tomato. Clean the mask with warm water once you are finished.

You can also make a papaya face mask. Papaya is good for our skin, any type of your skin actually and of course it includes oily skin. Papaya will remove the excess production of sebum on your face, which means reduce acne and blackheads. Apply mashed papaya on your face and neck to have your bright and glowing skin. So that’s some homemade face mask for oily skin for you to try.


Four Treatments for Different Skin Problems

Skin is our biggest organ and its purpose is to protect our body from external intrusions, although many of us suffer from pesky zits and acne problems which are easily cleared by using the best acne treatment product available to you and your skin type. Skin is our first defense against microorganisms, harmful chemicals and sunlight. Unfortunately, skin also betrays first signs of aging. In addition, specific skin ailments, such as dermatitis and psoriasis can be quite irritating.

The Most Common Skin Complaints

Acne, Scars and Sebaceous cysts

Our skin needs to be protected and lubricated by a layer of oil that’s produced by the sebaceous glands. However, excess oil can cause pores to get clogged by dirt, encouraging the growth of bacteria which in turn will cause a breakout of spots and can lead to the complain of acne. Acne can be prevented with over the counter, medicated and even home made acne treatments. Excessive oil production can be caused by poor diet and this problem is easy to adjust. As always, vegetables and fruits can help our skin to have more balanced skin production. It is also important to clean the skin regularly with acne prevention creams and treatments, especially if we work or live in dusty environment.


Unlike other diseases, diabetes could cause widespread effects on our body, including skin. People with diabetes can’t properly regulate their blood levels. It is important to drink plenty of water, because our body uses more water to deal with excess blood sugar and this may cause dry skin.

Dry skin

Healthy diet is a part of skin care regimen and as we age, it is important to eat more healthily. People with dry skin should use moisturizer regularly. Natural skin moisturizer is highly recommended, because it is less likely to trigger side effects. Synthetic ingredients are typically more affordable, but they can be unsuitable for people with sensitive skin.


Skin becomes much less elastic as we age and some fine lines may start to form on specific areas of the skin. There are common methods to deal with wrinkles. Botox is a generally effective way to eliminate wrinkles. Doctors inject a strain of Botulism organism that interrupts specific nerve impulse. Although these injections are expensive, they can help us to look younger for a period of time. Another method to eliminate wrinkles is to use collagen injections. Collagen is special type of protein that maintains the youthful appearance of our face. Doctors inject collagen directly to wrinkles-prone areas. After the injection, collagen will rebuild wrinkle-affected areas and it is especially useful for older people who start to have less collagen under their skin. Collagen treatments are also expensive and must be repeated regularly. Skin care using natural-based products can produce slower results; but they can be much safer. Unlike Botox and Collagen injections, we only need to apply natural skin care products on the skin. Regardless of the longer result, it is still a non-invasive and cost-effective treatment for people with wrinkles.

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