Finding the best acne treatment for your skin type

Since the dawn of time acne has been a problem, but now that technology and medical research has the funding it needs we now have acne treatments that can not only help with spots but eradicate acne break outs. There are some points you need to be aware of when looking for the best acne treatment in 2016. Skin type is the most important aspect of dealing with acne, so you need to make sure you know what type you have. Then you can treat it effectively.

Skin Type

There are 3 skin types and all of them need the same types of treatment but with slightly different combinations.

Combination Skin

The most common type of skin is combination. This basically means you have areas that are both dry and oily, some may even have some areas that are more sensitive than others. The oily area is known as the T-Zone where around your forehead and down your nose towards your chin is oily, with dryness around the border of this area. This is a big reason why some have more spots across there forehead and nose than they do around the jaw and cheeks.

Oily Skin

If you have a shiny complexion then you almost always have oily skin. Oiliness can get better and worse during the year, with personal changes, stress and even during a women’s monthly cycle. You unfortunately can’t cure an oily skin type but you can control it and prevent the skin from developing spots.

Dry Skin

Do you eve have dry skin? Possible it feels tight and flaky. These are the hallmarks of dry skin. This is just as difficult to cure when talking about acne treatments but the goal is to moisturise the skin, clear pores and ensure all the dead dry skin is washed away before it clogs pores.

Best Acne Treatment

The best option for your ace treatment will be targeted at your specific skin type. For example if you have a oily t-zone then an over the counter treatment will have to include chemicals targetted at oily skin. The same goes for sensitive skin.


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